Digital Harlem: Everyday Life, 1915-1930

Winner of the 2009 Roy Rosenzweig Prize of the American Historical Association for Innovation in Digital History, and the 2010 ABC-Clio Online History Award of the American Library Association.

"Digital Harlem" allows site visitors to map events, people, and places to reconstruct the texture of daily life in Harlem in the early twentieth century. Numbers games and speakeasies, churches and schools, parades and parolees can all be located and followed via an interactive Google Maps interface. While no sound recordings are offered here, one can imagine the sonic accompaniment to the activities put in place.

stillspotting ( ) NYC

The Guggenheim Museum undertook a multi-year exploration of stillness and noise in the city's five boroughs. The various efforts of the artists, architects, scientists, and city planners who participated in the project are presented here. Included is a Noise Map transcribing and locating the content of 270,000 noise-related calls to the city's 311 hotline for the period 2004-2005.

Radio Row: The Sonic Memorial Project

“Radio Row" documents the neighborhood around Cortlandt Street in downtown Manhattan prior to its demolition for the construction of the World Trade Center circa 1965-1970. This site is part of the larger Sonic Memorial Project, which is an open archive and audio installation dedicated to documenting the history of the World Trade Center. The effort is led by the Lost and Found Sound project of Nation Public Radio.