While 'The Roaring 'Twenties' claims just two authors on its masthead, in fact, it is the product of the skill, attention, and expertise of many different people. It is a pleasure to identify and to thank them here.

At the Municipal Archives of the City of New York, thanks to Kenneth Cobb, Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Records, for his generous support and to Michael Lorenzini for the skillful and timely generation of many hundreds of document scans. Special thanks to Archive Director Leonora Gidlund, whose expertise and enthusiasm have sustained and improved this project from its earliest origins.

At the Moving Image Research Collections of the University of South Carolina, thanks go to Interim Director Mark Garrett Cooper, Production Manager Ben Singleton, and especially to Curator Greg Wilsbacher for unflagging support and encouragement over the years.

The Princeton University Library graciously provided resources to digitize the 1933 map used here, and thanks are due to Deputy University Librarian Marvin Bielawski for allowing his expert staff, particularly Roel Muñoz and Beth Wodnick, to transform this amazing - and unwieldy - physical artifact into the sleek and supple digital facsimile that is situated at the heart of our website.

Michael Sims and Alex Ross assisted with music identification, and helpful feedback on content and design was provided by numerous thoughtful audiences to whom versions-in-progress were demonstrated: the Princeton University Department of History, the Cornell Society for the Humanities, the Communications Department at Northwestern University, and the Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies.

Also at Princeton, M.R. Daniel engineered the opening sound collage, turning a vague sonic idea into beautiful music. Carla Zimowsk and Brooke Fitzgerald provided additional technical support along the way and were always kindly willing to believe that the site really was finally almost done, each and every time that they offered their help. The Department of History, under Chair William Chester Jordan, and the Office of the Dean of the Faculty David Dobkin contributed the funding that allowed us to deploy such a rich range of archival material, and we are deeply grateful for their support.

This project was produced through the multimedia journal, Vectors.